Deer Tolerant & Resistant Plants

If your home is in a deer populated area, this Southern Living Plant Collection
piece will be of interest to you… read on!

Loropetalums are a wonderful evergreen shrub appropriate for most yards – especially yards with frequent visitors such as deer. The Southern Living® Plant Collection offers three Loropetalums that typically are deer-proof. Learn more via this link.

Comparing Loropetalums
Traditional Loropetalums grow huge, and their foliage fades from purple to green. Southern Living Loropetalums grow to manageable sizes; plus, they retain their rich purple hue all year. Select your easy-care Southern Living Loropetalum with our size guide!
Design Basics in the Garden
All design draws upon common tools of composition. These elements of design include: •mass •form •line •texture •color In the landscape, they are used to transform space.
Purple Diamond
Goodbye old-fashioned, house-swallowing loropetalums. Say hello to Purple Diamond® Semi-dwarf Loropetalum, tamed and improved for today’s landscape. Learn how to use Purple Diamond® Loropetalum in your landscape!