Fall Container Facelift

This is the third Fall project from Southern Living Plant Collection this year that we wished to share with our readers. We hope you enjoy these simple hands-on opportunities to bring more beauty to your home

A Fall Face-Lift

Give your summer containers a fresh, new face for fall.

Luckily, for us southerners, we have about three more months before the first frost. However, if your containers look anything like mine they are beyond ready for a makeover.

To prep my containers for fall I like to use a combination of shrubs and a harvest color palette. I love this particular mix because it will retain its relevance up until the time to carve pumpkins on Halloween and maybe even the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

A_Fall_Face-Lift_2How to create a sunshine-loving container garden:


Sun Container:

3  containers-10″, 12″, 14″-18″ varied sizes
2  bags of soil
3  lantana 4″ or any trailing annual
2  Obsession™ Nandina
1  Pixie ® Loropetalum

A_Fall_Face-Lift_3Step 1: Fill all three containers with soil.

A_Fall_Face-Lift_4Step 2: Plant the first Obsession™ Nandina in the center of the largest container. Remember to leave the root ball an inch above the soil line.

A_Fall_Face-Lift_5Step 3: Add the lantana in the shape of the triangle around the Obsession™ Nandina. The lantana will quickly fill in and surround the Obsession™ Nandina.

A_Fall_Face-Lift_6Step 4: Next, plant the second Obsession™ Nandina in the medium sized container.

Step 5: Finally, plant the Pixie® Loropetalum in the smallest container.

A_Fall_Face-Lift_7After you have filled your containers with next season’s soon-to-be-sought-after-blooms, try grouping them together on your front porch. The Purple Pixie ® Loropetalum and Obsession™ Nandina will live long, luscious lives in these container gardens. However, you should feel free to transfer them into your landscape at any time, as they will also look great together in your garden. Just make sure they are positioned to soak up plenty of sun!


Are you looking to revamp the shady side of your garden instead?

A_Fall_Face-Lift_8How to create a container made for the shade:


Shade Container:

1  large container
3  metal dowels
1  bag of soil
3  1 gallon ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia
1  3 gallon Angyo Star™ Fatshedera
4  inches of twine

Step 1: Fill the container with soil and place the Angyo Star™ Fatshedera in the center.

Tip: Angyo Star™ Fatshedera is grown on a trellis and needs to be removed after purchase and before use.

Step 2: Create a pyramid with three metal dowels. Make sure to submerge the bottom of the structure into the soil and then tie the top of the dowels together with twine.

Step 3: Next, secure the Angyo Star™ Fatshedera to the metal dowels with twine.

Step 4: Lastly, plant the ‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia and plant them in the shape of a triangle around the bottom of the Angyo Star™ Fatshedera. This structure makes them ideal to flank a front door.

It’s a classic look that maintains its appeal all year long!

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