Finally, My First (Partial) Real Winter in Alabama!

Being a relative newcomer to this state, I have been learning that Alabama is not the state in which to reside if I want to see Winter again. Having grown up in the great north lands of the United States, I was intimately acquainted with cold, snow, ice, and other winter accoutrements.

After living in the tropics for some time, though, I had thought that returning to the States – even a southern state – would give me an old fashioned taste of winter again.

Well, my sixth winter here has finally produced cold. I’m still waiting to see any snow beyond a dusting, or ice. BUT… Fred and David were headed to Mobile for the annual horticultural trade show Wednesday, and couldn’t make it the last  little way because of icy roads; they had to turn around and come back to Tuscaloosa! We didn’t have any such road conditions here in the north central part of the state, of course – they were way down south!

But we got the cold here. The coldest morning so far (Wednesday, the 17th) was 11° F from 4:00 a.m. to shortly after sunrise, when it dipped 10° F for a while before returning to 11° F for another couple of hours.

So, yes, I finally got a taste of Winter again – and in the deep south – during my sixth winter back in the States!