Beginning of Winter

Well, here we are at the beginning of Winter. I’m writing this during the week between Christmas and New Year.

We finally got some much needed rain, although, as usual, it’s a lot less than the prognosticators prognosticated. No snow or sleet yet, either, but they have both been forecast.

So, isn’t it great, though, that we have business this week! Not all of our customers have hibernated. Those who venture out to take care of business are making up for the recent expenditures, I’m sure. We ‘re glad to be here to help them!

Don’t forget that this is the beginning of the best transplanting season. And if you haven’t yet winterized your gardening or landscaping, there is still time to do this here in central and southern Alabama. Our article on the subject is courtesy of Southern Living; the link is here: Winterization of Your Plantings