As Summer Winds Down, In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

As Harvey, the biggest rainstorm in the history of the continental United States, moves on after leaving behind unprecedented flooding, we wonder how much more he will do, and how much longer he will last. At this writing, Harvey is again on land in the Gulf Coast as a tropical storm, but still spilling massive amounts of rain.

With tales of snakes and sharks in the flooded streets of Houston, and the very real danger of 400 penned alligators being turned loose because rising flood waters would make containing them impossible, we’re very glad we’re not in the Houston metro, or any of the surrounding, areas.

To help brighten our outlook as the sun returns – and before Irma arrives – we have added an article courtesy of Southern Living Plants to our “How To” sub-section under “Resources”. Check it out; it’s entitled “5 Dynamic Border Plantings“. Since borders are a very important aspect of our gardens, it’s great to have an expert of Kim Toscano’s reputation giving us ideas and instructions. Here’s a direct link to the article. Enjoy!