Two Articles – 1) Low Maintenance Plants; 2) Basics of Boxwoods

We’ve recently added a couple more articles you may find helpful.

The first has to do with drought tolerant plants and low maintenance plants. Both terms have been buzzwords for a while, and there is work being done to accommodate those growing needs. But view some of the plants available now that fit those descriptions!

The second is an article written by Steve Bender, and shared by Southern Living Plants. For all of our Boxwood owners, this is a great tutorial on the basics. Check it out here.

New Plant Varieties for 2016!

gie media‘s digital magazine has an interesting article highlighting sneak peeks at new plant varieties planned for 2016, shown at the California Spring Trials. This is where plant breeders showcase their best offerings. In addition to new heat-tolerant varieties and pollinator friendly plants, the “Festive Flora” and Head-Turning Genetics samples were quite beautiful! Here’s a taste…


Trilogy petunia combo “’76 Mix”, American Takii