Composting: Turning Garbage Into Garden Gold

Gardeners often regard rich, dark compost as an almost magical elixir that multiplies their soil’s nutrients and enhances its water-retaining abilities. The resulting healthier plants are quite adept at fighting off common plant diseases that might decimate more nutrient-starved plants. While some gardeners follow specific composting instructions, you can still cultivate a good batch of compost by slightly relaxing the rules.

Planning a Rooftop Vegetable Garden

You’ve enjoyed your visits to your local farmer’s market, as you discovered an enticing cornucopia of vegetables. You found red, yellow, and even pink tomatoes. You couldn’t decide between bright yellow summer squash or rich dark green zucchini, so you bought them both. While it was satisfying to support your local farmers, you really want to grow your own vegetable bounty. If you live in an urban environment, or an area with little horizontal gardening land, you’ve thought that growing a vegetable garden is simply not possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that a rooftop garden, bursting with delightfully fresh vegetables, might be another option. Careful preparation will give your garden a great chance of success.